It’s a sunny day in Vancouver and you’re craving something fresh, filling and healthy. Come check out The Poke Guy for a delicious poke rice bowl in the heart of downtown Vancouver. We’re passionate about the food we’re serving and are always striving to prepare you the tastiest foods that reflect Hawaii’s exotic and explosive flavours.

Poke, pronounced “poh-kay”, derives from the beautiful islands of Hawaii. The term “poke” translates to sliced or diced raw fish, which is exactly what poke is. Since the Hawaiian Islands are full of the freshest seafood and ingredients like vegetables, citrus fruits and avocado, it has become a staple dish around the state.

The common ingredients in a poke rice bowl include rice, cucumber, avocado, pineapple, corn, tomato, green onion, seaweed, edamame, and of course the actual poke – Ahi tuna, Sockeye salmon, Yellowfin tuna, Albacore tuna, and more. Although the ingredients in a poke rice bowl may seem simple, we have mastered our marinades to make sure that our poke bowls taste authentically Hawaiian.

We would describe Hawaiian cuisine as tasting like a sweet seafood barbeque, as a lot of the seasonings found in Hawaii are made from seaweed, kukui nut and sea salt. Hawaii also utilizes a lot of their citrus fruits such as pineapple and mango in their cuisine, which leaves you feeling like you’re enjoying your food on a tropical beach!

Another major part of capturing an authentic poke rice bowl in Vancouver is getting the freshest poke in the market. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Ocean Wise. We are proud to be Canada’s first and only poke restaurant partnering with Ocean Wise, which is a program that sources their seafood responsibly and sustainably. This ensures that we are not only serving the freshest high-quality fish, but it also ensures that ocean life will be abundant for the generations to come. The Poke Guy is all about sharing poke that makes you feel good.

The poke rice bowl in Vancouver is a dish centered around seafood like tuna, shrimp, scallops and salmon, however we have included lots of other options for you to choose from. These include Ajutsuke Tamago (ramen egg), Tamago (egg omelette), Ahimi (vegan tuna substitute), and plain or marinated organic gluten-free tofu. You can create the poke bowl of your dreams with our vast menu!

Not only do we serve the best poke rice bowls in Vancouver, but we also have a variety of other Hawaiian dishes to choose from. We have a ton of Hawaiian classics such as the Loco Moco, a beef patty smothered in gravy and topped with fried eggs. Another is the Kalua Pork, a luau staple, which is juicy pulled pork shoulder seasoned with Hawaiian salt and a flavourful smoky aroma.

And don’t forget our Spam Jamm, one of Hawaii’s favourite meals, which is Spam and eggs! All of our plates come with the classic two scoops of furikake rice, one scoop of Hawaiian macaroni salad and seasoned pineapple and corn.

We hope you come check us out if you’re hungry and in Vancouver or are just craving a poke rice bowl in general! We have the tastiest and freshest ingredients that reflect authentic Hawaiian cuisine and catapult you to the beach with every bite. With our fresh, sustainably sourced poke and vast Hawaiian classics, you feel great eating our #feelgoodpoke.