The #FeelGoodPoke is the only poke you will EVER need!

We didn’t just want to bring any poke to Vancouver, we wanted to deliver the best poke ever, a premium product you could ultimately FEEL GOOD about. A delicious health-conscious meal, with quality ingredients, wild seafood, sustainable sourcing (Ocean Wise), 100% compostable packaging, gluten-free, and using real Hawaiian salts. We also offer the best plate lunches in Vancouver.

We are committed to only serving the best and freshest fish and that’s why we will close when we’re sold out - and not have a big batch sitting out for an entire day. Our fish comes in fresh on the daily, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. We believe in quality to deliver you a premium poke


Poke (pronounced Po-kay) is a Hawaiian raw fish dish, using fresh seafood such as Ahi Tuna, marinated in complimenting seasonings and sauces. It is a well know Hawaiian staple found at any potluck or gathering and can be eaten as a pupu (appy) or a full meal. We’ve partnered it up with some fresh toppings and fun sides to offer you delicious customized bowls.


We’re proud to be Canada’s first Poke Restaurant partnering with Ocean Wise. We’re all about spreading a little aloha, and that means we care about the ocean and how we source our seafood. With today’s growing demand for seafood, we want to do our part in ensuring we are only using Ocean Wise suppliers who source responsibly and sustainably. It is important to us that our future generations get a chance to enjoy the seafood that we do too. #feelgoodpoke


That’s the only way we believe poke should be served – just like Hawaii! Being the best poke restaurant in Vancouver, all of our in-house marinades are made with the highest grade ingredients, and almost all are also GLUTEN-FREE.


“For a helping of “feel good” poke, head straight to The Poke Guy in Vancouver. It’s Canada’s first poke eatery partnering with Ocean Wise. In the poke bowls, the kitchen uses wild-caught seafood, like wild sockeye salmon, ahi tuna, shrimp, scallops and tako, all of which have been sourced “sustainably and responsibly.” Order a poke bowl, save the ocean – it’s the best two-for-one special in town!”

Lisa Jackson, Food Network Canada.

“If it’s quality fish you care about, head to The Poke Guy at Richards and Hastings. All of the fish served at The Poke Guy is wild-caught, not farmed, and Ocean Wise certified. In fact, The Poke Guy is Canada’s first and only restaurant to serve sustainable Ocean Wise seafood. They’re so committed to only serving the best and freshest fish that they close early (5:00pm or until sold out) in order to not leave their seafood out all day. So get there before it’s gone!”

Riana Ang-Canning, Citymash Vancouver.

“I tried the little guy with half white rice and half salad, Lomi Lomi (fresh salmon marinated with vinegar, tomato, parsley, and onions), and added imitation crab meat and mango, topped with nori. The fish was undeniably fresh since they bring it in every day. I wanted to be super bold, so I added in mango. I worried it would be a bad mix, but it turned out to be the best decision I made that day. Sweet mango pieces mixed with the saltiness of the fish, and the warm sushi rice was like a hug of Hawaiian sunshine in my mouth. Bold, flavourful, and just downright delicious.”

Rachel Wong, The Peak.

“Vancouver, a city with more than a passing familiarity with raw fish, has gone gaga for poke. The Hawaiian staple (it’s pronounced poe-kay, not poe-kee), a largely improvised raw fish salad that may feature soy sauce, sesame oil and green onion, is served as a starter, and here it’s being slung in the properly unpretentious manner by no less than four spots. But it’s the Poke Guy on Richards where you can run the gamut from affordable lomi-lomi (sockeye) to the haole fave, fresh shrimp. And if you want to best approximate a short jaunt to Kona, go with the classic: two scoops of ahi with shoyu, white rice, green onions and potato salad —a little taste of aloha.”

Vancouver Magazine.