Now that summer is here, lots of people are craving tropical eats. That’s where The Poke Guy comes in! We are on a mission to supply the most authentic tuna poke bowls Vancouver has ever tasted.

There are many perks to living in Vancouver and one that stands out is the access to amazing seafood to make our poke bowls taste extra-authentic for your tropical needs.

Poke, pronounced “poh-kay” is one of Hawaii’s cherished dishes that has made its way to the mainland. The word “poke” translates to sliced or diced raw fish, which makes the fish the highlight of the poke bowl. Other ingredients that you can find in a poke bowl include other foods you can easily find on the islands such as seaweed, sesame seeds, pineapple, corn, fresh vegetables like cucumber and tomato, mango, avocado and more.

The ingredients found in tuna poke bowls are simple, but the quality and flavours that are infused in the poke are what makes us stand out from the crowd.

We offer a selection of tuna poke for our bowls. The first is Ahi Tuna Poke. Also known as Yellowfin Tuna, Ahi Tuna is a delicious fish with a medium to mild flavour and firm texture. We also serve Albacore Tuna Poke, which has a little more richness of taste due to having a higher fat content. Next up we have Sockeye Salmon Poke. This poke is easily distinguishable with its vibrant colour and rich flavour. Then we have the Atlantic Salmon Poke, which holds a milder taste than Sockeye.

We also have our Lomi Lomi Poke, which is minced Sockeye belly with tomatoes, sweet onion and cilantro. Finally, we offer spicy scallops and Terimayo-flavoured shrimp. All of our poke is seasoned with the perfect touch of Hawaiian salt and our special traditional marinade for that tropical flare.

Although traditional poke bowls are made with tuna, we opted to provide lots of options for the people of Vancouver, especially since we have access to such amazing high-quality seafood here! We also decided to add plain and marinated tofu to our menu for those who want to try the goodness of poke bowls but avoid eating meat. We’ve also included options like Ajitsuke Tamago (ramen egg) and Tamago (egg omelette) and Ahimi, a vegan tuna substitute. These options make it all the more fun when creating your own poke bowls!

Now that you know a little about our Poke, let us tell you how we source it. We’re so proud to be Canada’s first and only poke restaurant partnering with Ocean Wise. Ocean Wise – also based in Vancouver – is an organization that finds sustainably and responsibly sourced and raised seafood. This ensures that we’re both getting a high-quality fish and that we are taking care of the ocean so that our future generations get to enjoy seafood, too!

We don’t just want to bring any tuna poke bowl to Vancouver. We want to deliver the best, premium poke that you can ultimately feel good about! That is why we made sure to have lots of options and to use the freshest quality ingredients that are infused with REAL authentic Hawaiian flavour. After all of this being said, we hope you can see what makes The Poke Guy the only poke you need!